Fraud Prevention

Prevention is better

For Paystack, stopping fraud is top priority. We've used machine learning to minimize risks, reduce chargebacks and it's associated costs

Proactive Screening

We screen every transaction by checking the IP, history, geolocation etc. to proactively identify fraudulent transactions.

Intelligent Rules

We built the first version of Paystack's fraud systems to learn. And so it's continually adapting to both local and international fraud.

Everybody's Involved

The entire network is used to prevent fraud. We learn from card and device fingerprints used to pay across different merchants.


You know your customers better than us. Improve on your fraud prevention by creating your own configuration and rules.


Use your dashboard to improve fraud prevention for your business.

We pay attention to local fraud patterns for improvement, and every merchant is an opportunity to learn. Set the triggers that are a cause for alarm and use your Paystack dashboard to blacklist certain customers, or whitelist wrong fraud triggers.