We're a very small team. This means everyone makes a big difference, and we're quite close knit.


We're looking for people to intern with our small design team (really small). You can learn what makes Paystack work as a product, how to work with data and presentation, APIs, visual design, javascript, abbl. There's a lot you can learn, if you're willing. To apply, send an email with:

1. A short bio. Nothing stressful.
2. Your favorite applications in terms of design.
3. An answer to the question: What would you change about Paystack?

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit abeg apply. This role is for anyone that can write good HTML, CSS animations, javscript without frameworks, javascript with frameworks and everything in between. The pay is great, and there's free lunch every day. Send an email with:

1. A resume, or a write up of what you've worked on.
2. The technologies you can use currently.
3. Shiny new technologies you're willing to learn.

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