Multiple Channels

We've done all the heavy lifting such that you can immediately start accepting payments across all channels

Card Payments

Receive payments from verve, visa and mastercard branded debit cards.

Bank Accounts (soon)

Get paid with direct debit and internet banking integrations.

USSD (soon)

Run your offline collections, and supercharge your pay on delivery.


Your customers can now pay for your product by visiting


With no coding required, you can accept payments from your product or service with our payment pages.

Put your products, services and subscriptions up for sale on the internet without writing code. Create a payment page from the dashboard and customize it to suit your needs.

  • Use it for one time payments or subscriptions

  • Set fixed or variable payment amounts

  • Collect as much extra information as you need

  • Create memorable links using custom URLs

  • Optional thank you message or redirect after payment


Do you run a platform of sellers you want to be able to pay automatically? Paystack supports it right out of the box.

Setup subaccounts

Setup seller accounts as subaccounts using the API or your Paystack dashboard.

Decide split

As you create the subaccount, you choose what percentage of the money they get.

Percentage or Fixed

You can also override the fixed percentage on every charge by passing a aplit amount.

Automatic Payouts

Once payment is done, Paystack automatically pays both you and the other seller what is due.


We accept payments in USD, GBP and some other currencies. Your customers in other countries won't be cut off.


Paystack integrates with popular business services to deliver a more satisfying customer experience.


Integrate your shopify site with Paystack.


Accept payments on your Woocommerce store.


Update your books when you receive funds (Soon).


Invoice and update your account (Soon).